24.09. - 26.09.2024 Wiesbaden

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64 Tage
24.09. - 26.09.2024
Dauer: 3 Tage
Wiesbaden, Deutschland
Hochschule RheinMain Wiesbaden

TUTORIAL: Comparing Java- and Python-Implementations of Conway ́s Game of Life

Raum 29 (TBA)

09:00 - 18:00

Dienstag, 24.09.2024

Conway´s Game of Life is an interesting game based on a cellular automaton. The rules are easy, but the dynamics are complex. After a short introduction we want to program the Game of Life in Java and Python. There are several possibilities: Java Desktop-App (with Swing), Java Webapp (with Vaadin), Python Desktop-App, Python Webapp (with Django or Flask). Then we want to compare the implementations regarding time needed, lines of code, programming concepts used, beauty of the source code and ease of programming.

Workshop Kategorie
Thorsten Roland
Quantum Coding GmbH
Khaled Saifullah
Quantum Coding GmbH